Men rescued after five months at sea

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Michael Bolong and Ambrose Ouawut survived spending five months on the high seas in a small boat. The Papua New Guinea residents were rescued from a drifting motorboat last month, media reports said.

Immediately after being rescued, 54-year-old Bolong and his 28-year-old nephew were taken to a hospital, where they spent about a week. Despite living in harsh conditions, the men are feeling well, doctors summarized. The victims have now been discharged home.

Together with their partner Francis Dimansol, who did not survive the voyage, they left the Lihir Islands on July 15, 2014 and sailed for the Tanga Islands, but the boat ran out of fuel en route. The vessel began to drift and was swept away by waves about 700 miles away.

To survive, Michael and Ambrose fished and collected rainwater. They survived on this meager diet until they were spotted by a passing fishing vessel, the Yap Seagull, on November 23.

Recall that this year there was an even more fantastic story - a Mexican man got lost on the high seas and spent 13 months there, eating turtles, fish and birds that he could catch.

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