The final resting place

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The 42-meter Benetti Lalibela was badly damaged in a fire in the fall of 2018 at the Port Camille Rayon in Golfe-Juan, France . «Unfortunately, as these photos show, the classic Benetti», built in 1972, was scrapped in Turkey.

After the fire, the yacht stood for some time inFrance, partially submerged in the sea. It was not until February 2019 that she was towed from Golfe-Juan, as was then assumed, to Italy. In fact, as photos sent by a reader to the Superyacht Times editorial team show, the boat ended her days at a ship recycling centre in Aliaga, Turkey. In April 2019, Lalibela was finally dismantled for scrap.

Lalibela was built for a well-known German industrialist. Her first name was Diana I. The 42-metre was the third largest superyacht built by Benetti in the 1970s. She was surpassed only by the 52.9-metre Galu and 47.8-metre Ilham II - the latter almost shared Lalibela's fate - having been badly rebuilt after a fire in 2003.

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