F1H2O: Finns are breaking into battle
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F1H2O: Finns are breaking into battle

"Finnish flyer" Sami Celio is determined to regain his title.


From three different directions, from three different countries on two different continents, this group of obsessed, clenched his teeth, working on one goal: to regain the title of winner of the World Championships in water motor racing UIM F1 H2O in the season 2010.

A freshly made team called Mad Croc F1, working at the racing base of Italian veteran Massimo Roggiero, forces the 2007 World Champion Sami Celio to work at an incredible speed. Celio, together with his old friend and teammate Roggiero, has been working for a long time on debugging and improving his latest project, a boat called BABA. The goal is to break Selio's own world record in the coming season: eight pole positions he won on a BABA boat last season.

"Last year we didn't get to the championship a bit, finishing the last race with a victory and finishing third in the overall standings. However, we didn't reach our goal, so we are working harder than ever to get back to first place in 2010. - says Sami. "We have what we call a trust triangle." It's me, Massimo, and our engine guru Alex Hledin in Montreal, Canada. Even though we are in three different places and come from three different countries, we all speak the same language and constantly ask each other - what will it take for us to regain the championship title this season?

Another change in the team for 2010 was the arrival of the talented Italian rookie Alex Karella. Despite his young age (24 years), Alex is the UIM F1000 World Champion and multiple F2 winner.

A veteran Massimo Roggiero will be working with the newcomer, using his considerable experience gained from 105 starts in various races. In addition to his duties as the team's reserve pilot, Massimo will be Karella's eyes and ears in each race, keeping in touch with him from the shore.

As for the "Finnish flyer", Samy is training daily at his winter home in Tenerife, getting in shape for the first Grand Prix of the season in Portimao, Portugal. The race (12th annual Grand Prix of Portugal) will take place on May 8th and 9th.

Celio himself started in Portuguese racing 12 times and his best result was 2nd place in 2002. In both races last year, he left Portugal without a single point and spent the rest of his time "catching up" with the championship from almost zero. This year he does not want to repeat such a mistake.

If the trophies were given to hard work during the preseason preparation, the MAD CROC F1 team would already be on the podium in full strength. This year the "Finnish flyer" tells the other teams "I'm coming for you" and will obviously do everything to finish the season on the top step of the podium.

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