King of Scorpions

King of Scorpions

New project from Bannenberg & Rowell

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Using a 44-metre platform from a French shipyard as its base. CMNdesign bureau Bannenberg & Rowell has provided her with a very unusual exterior. The result is the luxury motor yacht CMN Scorpio.

In full accordance with the name of the yacht, it is as if it is covered with shells, and only a small part of it looks out through numerous slits and cracks, which give the yacht a very formidable appearance. The crew working area on the tank, with mooring bollards and anchor winches, is generally closed to the eye of both the yawn on shore and guests on decks. Another interesting element is the sharpened mast in the form of a scorpion's sting. A crane for launching jet skis and a tender is skillfully hidden in its rear part.

The interior, as the 44-meter boat is supposed to be, is luxurious, with panoramic views around and floor-to-ceiling interior glazing.

The construction of Scorpio is expected to take 26 months from signing the contract to handover to the client. The tonnage of the boat will not exceed 500 register tons, which will greatly reduce the cost of operation.

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