Puffing for good.

Puffing for good.

Interesting approach to charity

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There are many unusual ways to help a good cause, but this one is perhaps the most exotic. Since 2006, YachtAid Global has been running a charity programme around the world, where crews and superyacht owners help residents of hard-to-reach and impoverished coastal areas by delivering food and essentials: medicines, school supplies for children and more.

Wanting to participate in the project, the crew and owners of the motor yacht Slojo (47.5 meters, luxury motor yacht manufactured by an American shipyard) Delta Marine) decided to cross the Pacific Ocean while holding an exciting marathon for YAG. Throughout the voyage, passengers and crew will be... engaged in sports. 24 hours a day someone on board the yacht will be running on the treadmill, rowing or sweating on the cycling simulator, and this watch will be transmitted from person to person all the time.

With this marathon, enthusiasts hope to draw the attention of the yachting community to YAG's initiatives and raise money to purchase goods to be delivered to those in need. Donations are based on every nautical mile a yacht has covered.

The entire passage across the Pacific, approximately 2,900 nautical miles from San Diego to the Marquesas, will take from Slojo for about 12 days. The yacht left the port on Friday, December 10, 2010.

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