Under lock and key

Under lock and key

Steve Jobs' yacht has been arrested...

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At the end of October we talked about the launch of the 77-meter yacht "Venus", designed by Steve Jobs in collaboration with French designer Philippe Stark. The other day it became known that she had been arrested by the Dutch authorities. The reason for this, according to the lawyers, was a debt to the designer.

According to the contract with the client, Stark was to receive 6% of the cost of building the yacht, which was originally estimated at 150 million euros. The heirs to the head of Apple insist that the real construction cost was only 105 million euros. A lawyer representing Stark Ubik said that their client had received only €6 million of the €9. He added that the ship was confiscated on Wednesday night in the port of Amsterdam and will remain there until the Jobs fortune handlers pay off the alleged debt. If that doesn't happen, it could even be sold to pay the designer the debt.

Currently, Mr. Jobs' heirs and Stark's company representatives are trying to settle the case through negotiations.

Recall that the construction of the superyacht has been underway for the last 5 years and unfortunately Jobs has not been able to see it. It is unlikely that such a conflict would have occurred if the head of Arlena had survived.

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