Under the wing of the gulls and the sails of the «Cruzenshtern.»

Under the wing of the gulls and the sails of the «Cruzenshtern.»

Tenerife-Rostock Expedition
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It so happens that for a long time «Binbank» has been associated with a lot of TV «games. What? Where? When? .».. Times change. The company decided to celebrate its twentieth anniversary by sending 20 people on an expedition on the sailing ship «Kruzenshtern» and entered a new territory - the sea.

Instead of the Baikvati corporation in honor of its anniversary, «Binbank» announced a competition, the winners of which went on the route Tenerife-Rostok for two weeks to study navigation, rigging and sailing weapons on the barque «Kruzenshtern». How did this happen? «Binbank» wanted to come up with something atypical for its 20th anniversary. Ideas were spinning around the seagull depicted on the company logo, the sea and travel.

The expedition to «Kruzenshtern» was proposed by journalist Mikhail Kozhukhov, an old friend of the bank management. For the last year and a half he was shooting a film about the first Russian round-the-world tour of 1803-1806 on the sloops of «Neva» and «Nadezhda» under the command of Lisyansky and Kruzenshtern. During the filming, the journalist also visited the barque named after the famous admiral and navigator, where he made friends with the crew and the captain, and where he is always happy to return. Four-part film about the world can be seen in November on the channel «Russia». As Michael Kozhukhov told us, it is a complex on a genre scale story with art reconstruction, computer graphics, which was based on diaries of participants of the voyage.

«This is an adventure, heroic, this is my attempt to remind who Kruzenshtern is, because the knowledge about him is exhausted by the cartoon «Prostokvashino» and a joke about a «man and a steamer».

It is natural that Mikhail Kozhukhov was appointed as the leader of the expedition called «Under the Wing of the Seagull». According to him, the route of Tenerife-Rostok was chosen taking into account the fact that it was not too short and entertaining and that at that time it was possible to get trainees on board. «Kruzenshtern» is a training vessel, the plans of which have been agreed and scheduled for a year ahead. Everything that happens on board is filmed with professional equipment, at the end of the expedition a final film will be produced, which may be presented at the end of the year. However«, everything depends on the material», for sure, nobody can say yet what will be released in the end.

Among the trainees who got to «Kruzenshtern»in this way, a variety of people: from «office plankton» to the builder. All of them, in addition to the lyrical and competitive part, passed a serious interview with the psychologist. Yachting experience is available to the units.

«The sail I tried at 15 years. I already sailed a lot. I walked» - jokes Yuri Chicherin, one of the winners of the contest «Under the wing of seagulls».

At the age of 15, Yuri took up artisanal yachting, having attached a polyethylene sail to a fun boat, and I was excited when I realized that it could be operated.

Now he is fond of windsurfing, wakeboarding, yachting. He passed Baikal on a sailing catamaran «Spacious», specially redesigned and reinforced for this trip.

The expedition started on October 10 and will last until October 24. You can follow its progress at goexpedition.ru, where diaries of participants are posted daily. Whether «Binbank»'s sailing history will continue will be clear in the future.


Ideas in nature are more than money, - sums up Mikhail Kozhukhov. And now there is a desire to do «something cool and decent


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