Russell Coutts: «How do you get the same result, but for less money?»

Russell Coutts: «How do you get the same result, but for less money?»

Oracle Team Director Thinking about the next «America's Cup.»
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We will not know what the 35th Cup will be like until next year, when the defender and the first challenger will discuss the details. Russell Coutts, one of the people who set the «rules of the game», spoke about plans to entertain the crowd for smaller budgets.

«When it comes to translating ideas into the rules for the next America's Cup, there are many pieces to put together. The main ones are teams, partners, broadcasters and the venue, and each of these components affects the other».

«One thing we are working particularly hard on is cost reduction. By reducing them we will be able to increase the number of teams, which will have a positive impact on all aspects of the competition». Cootts said that the main factor they are looking at to reduce costs is the number of staff.

«What we saw this summer was a truly spectacular race. Few people disagree with that. The question is how to get the same result, but for less money».

«Probably boats will be less than 72 feet with monotype elements, which will reduce the number of yachtsmen and designers».

«We believe that the competition should still remain a test of talent for managing, designing and building yachts, so we carefully evaluate cuts in each category».

«There's still a lot of work to be done. But many hard tasks were completed when we made important changes to the last Cup. We are now looking at how to make the right adjustments to make the 35 America's Cup better».

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