Winning bid: 8 reasons to buy a Dynamiq yacht

Winning bid: 8 reasons to buy a Dynamiq yacht

Why is Dynamiq the most interesting semi-custom superyacht project on the market today?
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This July, the famous yacht club of Monaco hosted a presentation of the new brand in the Grand Tourismo category - Dynamiq Yachts. Behind the new logo «Dynamiq Yachts» is one of the best teams in the industry, a real dream team of naval architects, designers and yacht operation professionals.

The hulls of the Dynamiq were designed by Azure Naval Architects, longtime partners of Feadship and Oceanco. They have been involved with such well-known boats as Equanimity, Nirvana, Illusion and Vibrant Curiosity. Hull contour calculations were honed by Van Oossanen, a renowned Dutch bureau, owners of a wealth of know-how and some of the world's pioneers in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The interiors were designed by the designers of the legendary London studio Bannenberg & Rowell.

In general, when we say that this is the best of the most popular semi custom 40+-1 meter segment, we do not sneak around. We tell you, in order, why Dynamiq yachts caught our attention.


At the heart of the Dynamiq concept as the «best yacht for travel» is a specially designed, innovative aluminium hull. With efficient hull contours, the 39-meter GTT-130 achieves a speed of over 20 knots and has a transatlantic range of 3000 miles.

The high speed and directional stability is ensured by the bypasses and the vertical stem, while the round-body hull provides the comfort of a displacement yacht.

The combination of an impressive range and high speed allows for a multifunctional yacht that easily changes format to suit the owner's goals. A family cruiser, hangout boat or explorer. Whatever you want.

With a low draft of 1.75 m on such a yacht you can enter the secluded bays of Croatia or Turkey, as well as effectively use it on Russian waterways or in «shallow» water areas such as the Bahamas.

Economical and efficient. New Fortjes drives

This paragraph follows from the previous one. The hull optimization by the Van Oossanen team has significantly reduced the overall resistance of the yacht to movement. The boat «eats» 25-30% less than a boat of her size, even at high speeds. At 10 knots, for example, the yacht consumes only 80 litres per hour, while at 19 cruising knots it consumes less than 600 litres.

Dynamiq GTT-130 series is equipped with the latest German Fortjes Pod Drives by default. This compact propulsion system is located outside the hull, leaving more space for living space. As a result, guests are freed from unnecessary noise and vibration and the yacht is much quieter. The main feature of the system is the presence of two coaxial screws that rotate in opposite directions (so-called «pull-push pattern»). With this arrangement, the screws help each other to work together, increasing traction efficiency.

Building Quality Control

Dynamiq boats are being built in a separate boathouse on the industrial site of the NCA shipyard in Marina di Carrara, Tuscany. There is a permanent project office under the supervision of Dynamiq's Technical Director Rob Williamson, one of the world's best project managers for yacht construction, a captain and a naval architect known for his thoroughness. Direct quality control is carried out by industry-leading surveyors from Northern Europe working at Lurssen, Feadship, Amels, Heesen and other yards. Rob now oversees the construction of the first Dynamiq GTT-130 hull on a daily basis, which will see the light next summer. In fact, quality control is maintained at the level of the world's elite shipyards - with an «Italian» price tag.

Plenty of room.

In terms of «heights and areas», today's «classmates» are inferior to Dynamiq. The figures speak for themselves - for example, the height of the ceilings on the whole boat is at least 2.15-2.3 meters. The average «class» size is 2.05m and the 20cm difference on a yacht is very noticeable.

The Sandec is truly gigantic and extends over 120 square meters.

On 5 separate zones are placed a swimming pool, barbecue, dining area, home theater, gym and anything for the soul of the future owner - such a space is worth using to the fullest. In fact, a Sundeck on the 39-meter Dynamiq is equal in area on 50-60-meter yachts. In addition, the yacht has a decent size beach club - a foldable rear ramp extends the hull length by a couple of meters and opens on the lower deck a 30 sq.m. beach area.

Comfort on board

Dynamiq yachts are designed to make guests feel as comfortable as possible. For example, the guest cabins are located on the lower deck, in the quietest place, where the sea is the least excited. At the same time, they have huge windows (not ordinary portholes), so that guests can feel the spaciousness everywhere.

The most advantageous position on the lower deck is the master suite.

The engineers at Van Oosanen and Azure made special calculations to select the optimal location for the owner's cabin, which is the least exposed to rocking in all modes. In addition, the Fortjes drives are very quiet - noticeably quieter than conventional shafted gearboxes. CMC Marine's electric rocking stabilizers, which are used instead of conventional hydraulic stabilizers, also generate an order of magnitude less noise - guests will particularly appreciate this when anchored in secluded coves.

Even the glazing on the «speaker» isn't easy.

The yachts use special XIR glass with adjustable transparency. It has already been appreciated by the luxury car industry, but this is the first time it has been used on a superyacht. This glass maximizes light transmission (over 70%) while reflecting heat and almost completely reducing UV radiation by 99%. As a result, energy costs for air conditioning inside the yacht have been significantly reduced. Thanks to many such solutions, Dynamiq yachts have received a special «environmental» notation RINA Green Star and RINA Comfort Class.

Flexible interior

The Dynamiq concept makes maximum use of freestanding furniture, instead of the fixed furniture that is usually installed on boats. With this approach, owners can very easily change the decor of their yacht without much expense. A special collection of deck furniture for Dynamiq was developed by the famous company Glyn Peter Machin, a leader in the design and manufacture of furniture for superyachts and private residences.


Every element of a Dynamiq yacht has been thought out in detail, whether it is the lighting or the scent system. For example, you can create an individual scent for your yacht that will be unobtrusively delivered on board through the air conditioning system.

A unique lighting system was created by the Dutch guru Rogier van der Heide, who is renowned worldwide for his applied lighting designs and highly artistic lighting installations. Rogier was previously Vice President of Design at Philips Lighting in the Netherlands and also holds the honorary title «of UN Ambassador of Light».

Experienced yacht owners know that once a yacht has been accepted at the yard, it can take several months to complete it with equipment and accessories. In the case of Dynamiq, the crew uniforms, dishes, suitcases, flower tenders and even minivans for the crew can be ordered immediately. In general, everything is done truly «turnkey».

Last But Not Least

And here we are at the price. It is very competitive and even aggressive in its class, comparable to conventional series-produced plastic yachts. For the first time on the yacht market, you can find out the price of a boat with the right equipment simply on, without having to contact the shipyard and brokers many times and without waiting for all the calculations and deadlines. «The speaker» has launched online configuratorwhere you can equip your yacht as you wish and choose everything, including such little things as the colour of deck cushions or water toys.

Talk to the company and learn more about Dynamiq yachts at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

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