Eight of the coolest boats designed by car manufacturers

Eight of the coolest boats designed by car manufacturers

Mercedes, Bugatti, Lexus, Aston Martin... Today these are not only premium car brands, but also creators of stylish and beautiful yachts.

In our time, the interpenetration of the yachting and automotive industries has reached a qualitatively new level. It is enough to remember a special «sea» version of the BAC Mono track-car equipped with a special fastening point and a detachable carbon fiber boom for loading on board, as well as a clever environmental control system to protect the car in water storage conditions.

The same trend is illustrated by the example of Adrian Newey, designer of Formula 1, who was hired by the Land Rover BAR sailing team to advise on the design of the new ACC catamaran for the «America»'s Cup.

Shipyards and car designers are increasingly adopting each other's experiences. As a result of this cooperation, we have a fleet of fast, stylish and luxurious yachts proudly bearing the emblems of famous automobile concerns.

Boat International has compiled a list of the most successful examples of interaction between car and yacht designers.

Palmer Johnson Niniette 66

Bugatti car company is famous as the creator of the fastest production car in history - the model Bugatti Veyron.
The carmaker did not stop there and a few years ago joined forces with the Palmer Johnson shipyard to develop a series of carbon fiber boats. Its name - Niniette - was given to the series after the daughter of the founder of Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti.

The latest model in the series, the 20-metre Niniette 66, is reminiscent of the new Bugatti Chiron, while retaining the lightweight carbon fibre construction and stabilising edanes that give Palmer Johnson yachts exceptional stability and seaworthiness.

Key features of the Niniette 66 include a Jacuzzi and fire bowl on the spacious main deck. Inside there is a saloon with one horseshoe-shaped grille wall for Bugatti supercars and a double cabin where brutal polished steel and carbon fibre are balanced by fine leather and nubuck leather. In top configuration, the yacht reaches speeds of up to 44 knots.

Etienne Salome, Design Director at Bugatti, is delighted with the result of her work with Palmer Johnson.

«Niniette is an authentic member of the Bugatti family," he emphasizes. - Even from a long distance any observer recognizes in the Niniette a true Bugatti».

Lexus Sport Yacht

Lexus has an undeniable advantage in entering the yachting market, as the Toyota group, which includes the brand, is already a major player in the Japanese motor yacht market.

Lexus, a 12.7-meter Lexus Sport Yacht, satisfies the expectations of fans of the premium car brand. This loaded speedboat boasts impeccable style and luxury.

A pair of Lexus V8 engines with 440 «horses» each accelerates the boat to 43 knots. The boat has enough seats for eight passengers. The experimental prototype of Lexus Sport Yacht was built in Wisconsin by Marquis-Carver Yacht Group. Unfortunately, Lexus is not going to put this model into mass production.

Benetti Fisker 50

The founder of the luxury electric car brand Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker, is not new to innovation, and the 50-meter yacht concept he created for the Benetti shipyard is another proof of this.

The Benetti Fisker 50 concept was unveiled earlier this year and has resonated well with the industry. The yacht has a memorable appearance: the curved deck lines resemble sea waves with carbon fibre «shark fins»sticking out of them, which serve as lanterns to illuminate the water at night.

Inside the owner's cabin there is a fireplace and the cinema can be easily transformed into a dance floor or gym.

Quintessence AM37

The 11.28 metre Aston Martin AM37 was created in collaboration with the Quintessence Yachts. Years of research and development later, the first motorboat wearing the famous Aston Martin emblem in the form of outstretched wings was presented at the Monaco Boat Show in 2016.

As one would expect from a James Bond car supplier, the AM37 turned out to be modern and super fast. Two Mercury engines of 520 «horses» each accelerate it to 50 knots and even more.

The Aston Martin has an innovative sliding roof and an advanced on-board computer. Air conditioning, refrigerators and espresso machines can be switched on remotely and the boat's navigation and entertainment systems are controlled by voice.

Arrow 460 Granturismo

The design of the 14-meter Arrow 460 Granturismo refers to the legendary Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows racing cars that dominated motorsport in the 1930s.

Silver Arrows Marine has joined forces with Mercedes-Benz Style to create this unique boat, which was launched in spring 2016. It was so successful that the companies agreed with Finnish carbon fiber boat manufacturer Baltic Yachts to launch the Mercedes-Benz speedboat into mass production.

The Jaguar speedboat concept

British carmaker Jaguar has teamed up with Canadian yacht designer Ivan Erdevicki to create a 6.1m concept boat in the spirit of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

«The speedbottom is powerful," says Ian Callum, Design Director of Jaguar XF Sportbrake. - The concept follows the idea of a traditional speedboat in many ways, but with a streamlined and fast form that meets the expectations of Jaguar fans».

The boat is built in fibreglass with carbon fibre inserts on deck inspired by the iconic Jaguar D-Type.

Lancia di Lancia

The 13.1-meter-long Lancia di Lancia motorboat is the result of cooperation between four Italian companies: the builder of luxury RIBs Sacs, a division of the automotive concern Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the manufacturer of vermouths Martini and the automotive company Lancia. It combines the comfort and style of a sports coupe with the capacity of a small cruiser and can carry up to 11 passengers. The lower deck has an air-conditioned cabin for two.

The fiberglass hull is molded and then assembled by hand. Each model is personalized according to the customer's requirements. A folding electrically powered roof protects the passengers from the weather. Two Fiat FPT N67-560 engines provide a maximum speed of 55 knots.

Royal Falcon Fleet 135

Porsche Design Team joined forces with Singapore's Royal Falcon Fleet (RFF) to create the 41.4-meter catamaran RFF135. The RFF President wanted to build a «spacecraft on water» and the only requirement was that it should be a two-hulled vessel.

The rounded aluminium hull of the catamaran, combined with two MTU 16V 4000 M93L water cannons reinforced, gives the RFF135 a maximum speed of over 30 knots.

Although construction of the first RFF135 began a few years ago at Kockums Shipyard in Sweden, the dates of its completion have not yet been announced.

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