Superyachts and their superwomen.

Superyachts and their superwomen.

Superyachting - the sphere of life, by default belonging to men. But as it turned out, it's not quite so.
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In our article we will talk about women superyacht owners and their favourite «babies».


Wendy Schmidt, who ran the interior design firm for 16 years, is known for charity and environmental activities. Trustee of the Council for the Conservation of Natural Resources, founder of the «Eleventh Hour»project, Wendy draws public attention to global warming and climate change through regattas.

Elfie, a 171-foot luxury ketch is the result of a collaboration between naval architects from Hoek Design and the Royal Huisman shipyard.
RWD worked on the interior style of Elfie, giving priority to comfort and a line of environmental protection: marine life can be admired directly in the lounge area through the organic glass table. But this is not the only thing that distinguishes Elfie.
In line with the principles of the hostess, the yacht uses renewable natural resources and can travel up to 3650 nautical miles on lithium-ion batteries without polluting the ocean in any way.

The name of the yacht is, by the way, a variation on the owner's name, Wendy.

Carinthia VII

Carinthia VII is the seventh yacht owned by Heidi Horten and her last husband, Helmut Horten, who has built the fourth largest chain of department stores in the United States.
Heidi Horten is the wealthiest woman in Austria. She inherited $1 billion from her husband and has so far been able to triple that fortune.
British designer Tim Heywood has taken care of the interior and exterior design of the yacht. Five curved decks and a speed of up to 26 knots on diesel engines are just some of the benefits. The 318-foot Carinthia VII is a frequent guest in Venice.


Previously owned by Johnny Depp, J.K. Rowling liked the yacht so much (we hope you don't have to tell us who it was) that she bought it at the first opportunity, later renamed from Vajoliroja to Amphitrite.

Built by Turquoise Yachts, with Taka Yachts design and RWD style, this 156-foot yacht, named after the Greek goddess of the seas, has an unusual finish. Her interior is decorated with velvet and satin and she is a striking example of classic style. Currently, Amphitrite is playing the role of a charter.

Maltese Falcon.

Elena Ambrosiada, owner of the largest sailing yacht in the world (her size is 289 feet), made her fortune with the help of Ikos hedge fund together with Martin Coward, then her husband. The sharp rise in the fund's shares in 2007 brought the spouses more than $3.5 billion.
Falling in love with an extraordinary yacht on a tour of the Cyclades Islands, Elena Ambrosiada did not miss the opportunity to buy it when the former owner, Tom Perkins, put up Maltese Falcon for sale.
Although the owner herself rarely goes out to sea, the yacht serves her well as a very popular charter, capturing more and more people with her elegance and recognisable style that Perini Navi and Dykstra Naval Architects have worked on.

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