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Made in Russia: build quality, break stereotypes.

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I am often asked how we managed to achieve such a high quality of our boats and what difficulties a Russian yacht manufacturer faces in his work. The questions are really defining, so to answer them you have to start from the beginning.

When we were developing the concept of the future shipyard, it was immediately decided not to change into mass projects, but to build in the premium sector, on individual orders. As a result, Laky Verf was opened in Ladoga, Nevsky Shipyard, and our first project was a 23-meter long steel boat - this length was considered optimal for the first project.

The designer of the "firstborn" was a Dutchman. Guido de Groot. He is a very experienced and honored naval architect with regalia, but it was easy to communicate with him. Guido is a real professional, and he already had experience working with Russian shipyards, which made our dialogue much easier. We are grateful to him for his work on this project.

The construction of the boat began according to the rules of the Council of Europe, and the supervision of construction was entrusted to the world-class organization Bureau Veritas (BV). This allowed us to sell the product on the European market and get professional support from BV inspectors during the construction.

In the end, the model 23М turned out to be a very good sailor, leisurely, reliable and comfortable. For the start, we focused on St. Petersburg with the opportunity to expand the geography of sales to other regions and countries, and did not miscalculate. We have already built six boats on this project to date.

The Dutch project for the starting period was chosen because the names and experience of Dutch designers and designers helped to achieve good results and gave "weight" to all the work. As a result, we only made the first boat for the De Groot project and added our designs to all subsequent yachts. Our designers and designers are now working at the shipyard to develop new projects, either on their own or in partnership with other professionals, that will delight a true connoisseur of beauty, quality and comfort.

Having gained experience and understanding, the shipyard decided to step into a bigger size on the 23-meter project. So the work on the project 45M began. The author of the project of the new 45M is another famous Dutch designer - Frank Laupmann, the head of the bureau. Omega Architectswho has worked on the best boats for many years. Heesen. Evaluate the seriousness of the approach - in order to ensure the highest possible quality, we entrusted the consulting for the project 45M to Jan Gremmen, who has dedicated 30 years to Heesen.

Another question arises - how did we come to the decision to build large boats competing with many established foreign brands? At that time we tried not to think much about competition. We believed that the product should speak for itself. After all, the Russian market for manufacturers was and still is very small, and the potential of buyers is obvious, so the main calculation we made for sales in Russia, with subsequent entry into the foreign market.

For the same reason, from the very beginning our production was organized according to the western principle: with a small number of hands to achieve the maximum result and while maintaining the required quality. We learned by ourselves, taught our employees, step by step "implanted" in people the ability and joy of creating a quality product with our own hands. Therefore, a small project - 23 meters - was chosen to "sample the pen", on which you can practice the technology, timing, ability to work in a team. Since the team is still small, we were able to hear each other and work "for the result", not for the dials in the report card.

The company's philosophy was and still is not to entice specialists, but to grow and "cultivate" its own. It should be said that there was no one special to entice: there was no yacht market in the USSR as such, so there was no school of yacht building. In our industry and in our segment the result is mainly determined not by the financial component, but by the process of creating an exclusive product that is not similar to another one. When building a yacht people should "burn" with desire and aspiration, but no one will work for free. Therefore, the main motivation is timely payment.

Already at the end of the column, I will say that at first we were almost most concerned about how we will fight the eternal subjective perception of "Russian means bad". Now that we have several years of successful work behind us, one thing is clear: it takes time. Consumers need to learn to trust our manufacturers, and those, in turn, will have to work on quality and deadlines. Only in this case our buyers will stop feeling discomfort or uncertainty at the sight of words "Made in Russia".

About the author: Konstantin Buryanov - General Director of "Ozernaya Verf" company.

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