Canadian woman with water phobia crossed the North Atlantic in a rowboat

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Canadian Mylene Paquette, 35, crossed the North Atlantic alone. She started in Halifax, Canada, and finished in Lorient, France. After 129 days, surviving stormy weather, eight-meter waves, several flips, loss of rations, the loss of her iPhone and satellite phone and overcoming a strong desire to return... she reached her goal. Brave lady! Her fear of water, however, she did not overcome.

«I'm afraid of the pool and even the big bathtub", Milen told reporters after her arrival, either jokingly or in all seriousness. - I really don't know why I'm scared. Maybe it's because I often watched «Jaws» when I was younger».

Yes! Whoever saw «Jaws», doesn't laugh in the Atlantic.

But seriously, you can't say that crowds dare to do this «alone» and see it through to the end. There were two women, both French. Paquette herself wasn't chasing any records.

«I think I set the record for the longest time in the water. I think I may have also set the record for the longest time I have ever wanted to shower»," jokes Paquette. Nevertheless, Mylène Paquette has been honoured as the first North American woman to cross the North Atlantic.

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