Elon Musk will turn a ship for «catching» missile fairings into a megayacht

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In the summer of 2018, Elon Musk's aerospace venture SpaceX slightly upgraded the Mr Steven craft designed to «catch» falling parts of the rocket's payload fairing after a successful launch. The boat then received a new net that was four times the size of the previous one.

The 62-metre Mr Steven wasn't doing well with its direct task, so Elon decided to reformat «the netting ship» into a megayacht.

The shipyard Oceanco will be responsible for the refit, and Igor Lobanov will be in charge of the new, more daring exterior styling.

The megayacht will have five decks, equal to the number of Ilon Musk's sons, as well as three Raptor rocket engines, since the billionaire has been married three times.

«He promised that as soon as» any changes in marital status occur - a spouse reappears or another child is born - an extra deck and an extra engine will be added to the vessel at once.

By the way, about children. Do you remember the notorious rescue operation, when 12 boys and their coach were trapped in a half-submerged cave in Thailand? Musk did not stand aside in that situation and provided the rescue team with a children's submarine. Just such a «baby-submarine» will be in one of the tender garages aboard the rebuilt Mr Steven. Plus, the vessel is sure to be outfitted with a pad for a Tesla electric helicopter and parking space for «green» the Tesla Model X crossover.

According to Ilon Musk, his «ethereal» megayacht could attract increased attention from aliens.

If they are unfriendly and try to attack, Mr. Steven's crew can defend themselves and survive by firing flamethrowers located on the upper deck. «While the world continues to be a humanoid» tranquillity, guests will be able to experience the world of space in a real observatory with great pleasure.

Next door to it, the layout provides a marijuana«smoker». It was a personal request from Musk. Which, however, is not surprising, because here you can remember his visit to the little comedian Joe Rogan , who offered the public personality to try weed on air. And the bravest entrepreneur of Silicon Valley did not refuse.

One last thing: Mr. Steven doesn't need a captain, as the ship is fully autopilotable.

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