Dmitry Peskov «was caught» on a charter yacht Maltese Falcon

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Information discovered by Alexey Navalny, the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, including from open sources, says that the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, is vacationing off the coast of Sardinia on one of the coolest sailing yachts of our time - we are talking about «Maltese Falcon». Among the circumstantial evidence from open sources are photos of Peskov's stepdaughter, Alexandra Zhulina, in a branded robe «Maltese Falcon», geotags in her Instagram photos that match the route of the charter yacht, and others.

We've written many times about the Maltese Falcon from the Perini Navi Shipyard - it is, without exaggeration, an outstanding yacht: one of the largest sailing yachts in the world today, with a unique Dynarig sailing armament. You can even watch movies on her sails. She is 88 metres long and does not have a great number of cabins. There is a master suite and two VIP cabins. According to Navalny, the state official spends his honeymoon on her with Tatiana Navka, children and close friends.

Rent «Maltese Falcon» is 26 million rubles per week. «Who paid for the charter of the luxury» falcon is still unknown.

This is the second scandal in which Peskov has been involved in recent weeks. Not so long ago, the government official was accused of wearing a watch worth 37 million rubles, which did not correspond to his official income.

It should be noted that «Maltese Falcon» has not long to wear the title of the largest sailing yacht in the world - the 480-foot «White Pearl» is under construction and is attributed to Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko.

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