Winter Branch of Porto Cervo

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When the RBC yachts call at Falmouth Marina, some sailors were visibly taken aback. Few people have ever seen so many mega-yachts in one place.

«And indeed - here at one berth may be the most diverse and unique sailing vessels: from chic classic (or made to look like classic) boats to torn-off carbon hounds». Not speaking about motor yachts - their sizes can compete with cruise liners only. For example, Bill Gates's yacht is a regular on here.

The marina was purpose-built for megayachts with berths capable of accommodating boats of up to 330 feet in length and 20 (!) feet in draft.

What did itsBoat reporters see? A famous 50m long boat called the Tiarais bobbing along side a classic Tuiga, the only sailing boat capable of being decked by helicopter. On the next deck are the famous racers Rambler and Ran who have been making waves in the local waters lately. At one of the moorings there is a huge Wally, and next to it two 100-foot Finnish swans are ruffling feathers. A little to the side, a huge ketch built by Perini Navi

is being cleaned and painted.

To put it bluntly, there are few marinas like this in the world. Even notorious Antibes has a break. No, there are huge and smart yachts there too but not so many of them. And about the level of the marina (including its prices «for everything») very eloquently speaks a previously unseen by us fact: at the entrance to the marina at the roadstead peacefully rocking on the anchor two Oyster 82.

Either the yachts are not welcome here or their owners can't afford to moor them at the pier...
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