Kymeta unveiled a satellite system that will replace cumbersome dome antennas

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Bulky dome antennas aboard superyachts are a thing of the past: Kymeta has introduced the mTenna satellite system. Announced at the Satellite 2017 conference in Washington, DC, mTenna is a flat, fully electronically controlled panel with no moving parts.

«We've heard from captains and crews that the current design of antennas with lots of moving parts has a number of flaws. They are more likely to break down in hot climates, especially in Arab countries, which are prone to dust storms»," comments Håkan Olsson, vice president of Kymeta's maritime business.

The mTenna is a complete product that can be integrated into projects under construction as well as into complete designs. Olsson claims that the invention has generated interest from «every major shipyard in Europe».

The first Kymeta mTenna devices are expected to arrive in Europe for testing and sea trials within the next three months.

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