Ours in «Laser»: Sergey Komissarov is the twentieth in the gold fleet

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The «Laser World Championship», which took place in Oman from 16 to 24 November 2013, came to an end on Saturday. 126 competitors from 51 countries and intense competition until the last race.

At the end of the World Championship in the class «Laser Standard» Sergey Komissarov, Russian champion in 2013, took the twentieth place in the gold fleet (63 athletes raced in the gold fleet). Maxim Nikolaev - second place in the silver fleet.

Coach Andrey Startsev commented on the results of Russian athletes: «. In fact, for the first time in this class our athlete showed such an excellent result at the World Championships. Sergiy got in the Olympic license area. He is a hard-working and motivated athlete, and he is improving little by little. He's currently 15th in the world junior rankings. And with the right approach to training he will be gaining more and more. Maxim Nikolaev is a talented youngster, who must be supported to work with the adult team».

Let's remind that half of the licenses for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 will be played at the integrated world championships in Santander (Spain) in 2014, the remaining licenses will be played in 2015 at the world championships and continental competitions.

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