YachtCreators announces the launch of the «series of pocket» superyachts for the Bahamas

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North American YachtCreators has prepared a new range of compact superyachts under the LeVen Yachts brand. The idea for such a line was born about two years ago. Her first hull is a 27-metre boat built in the Netherlands at the Van der Valk shipyard by Vripack Naval Architects.

Certified by RINA, she was built in aluminium for Lucas Silva, an American entrepreneur and big yachting enthusiast. The skilled owner took a meticulous approach to the birth of the vessel. The end result of this close collaboration with YachtCreators is a boat that fits perfectly into the lifestyle of its owner.

«the Exuma Archipelago(Bahamas) is very shallow, and only a small boat can go there. And when we go there, we want the benefits of a superyacht - the comfort and entertainment that a big boat provides... We want to go water skiing, scuba diving - that's the real life! In our previous 37m yacht we appreciated the garage for the water toys, the low noise level and the generous outdoor deck spaces. On the 15m, we enjoyed the ease of use, oneness with the water, maneuverability and shallow draft. With LeVen we want to experience the best of both worlds»," the owner explains his choice.

Each member of the LeVen family is ideally suited for shallow water.

For example, the firstborn has a draft of only 1.37 meters. But that's not the only thing worthy of note.

A strong point of the 27-meter yacht is the generous space and sensation of freedom, however she also boasts a 60 square-meter flybridge with high ceilings (on three levels) and very generous sailing windows (on two levels). High ceilings (2,1min the galleyand cabins, 2,5m in themainsaloon), open plan kitchen and dining area, with the entire main deck dedicated to family relaxation. The space is appropriately named the Great Room.

A large portion of the 12-metre sandeck is shielded from the sun by a nine-metre high hardtop on which solar panels are mounted. The latter feed the lithium-ion batteries that power the air conditioning and other on-board systems. This energy source is enough for almost eight hours during the daytime and about 12 hours at night when the boat is anchored.

Since the owner dreamed of a vessel that would allow for active time on and off the water, the LeVen's first hull was a stern-transformer platform that houses side-by-side jet skis, fishing gear, a 4.5-meter tender, and more.

Eight guests are accommodated in four en-suite staterooms: the master suite is at midships, the VIP stateroom is forward, and in between are two more staterooms, one on each side.

The LeVen will debut at 26 knots and can travel more than 400 nautical miles without refuelling, powered by a pair of 12V 2000 MTU engines. Her speed is a result of the hydrodynamic benefits of herVripackSlide Hull® which is named for the way the water flows around her as if she were running down a baby slide. The hull is designed to prevent the bow from pitching up too much at high speeds and to reduce the intensity of the blows from the waves.

The Voith Linear Jet propulsion system combined the best of both traditional propellers and water jets also contributed to the high speed performance.

The 27-meter LeVen Yachts is one of the first yacht projects with this type of propulsion, following the Dynamiq GTT 135.

The first hull is expected to be launched on September 24th and will then be displayed at the FLIBS Boat Show in the yard's home city of Fort Lauderdale.

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