«Orca» in the ice

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Designer Steve Kozloff has created the futuristic 90-meter Kosatka Explorer.

The expedition yacht is part of the ice-class Goliath range, and features a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

«Kosatka», according to its creator, is «one of the most formidable yachts of this size».

The boat is equipped with a 2,415-square-foot aircraft hangar that accommodates four small helicopters or two medium-sized helicopters. There is also ample storage space for a pair of large freefall lifeboats and a submarine.

The recreation area, located aft, is practically at waterline level. The six-deck yacht has acquired«crow's nest» with a control station, and on the bow is a large pool with a retractable hard top.

The layout provides accommodation for a total of 14 guests. The yacht has been designed with a minimum crew of just four people in mind.

The«Orca» has a speed ceiling of 15.1 knots and a claimed range of 22,000 nautical miles (or 76 days at 12 knots).

«Recall that Steve Kozloff recently unveiled» Alexis, a conceptual 117-meter expedition megayacht with nine decks.

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