«Stellar» Greenline

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Actor Hardy Krüger Jr, on the right in the photo, with Greenline Yachts owner Vladimir Zinchenko (left) and Luca Meffle, Director of Sales at the Slovenian shipyard , cutting the ribbon on the cockpit of the Greenline 48 Coupe during the premiere at the Boot Dusseldorf.

«I have a large family - seven children - so of course I had my eye on the48-footer. Besides I like to spend time in the kitchen when I'm on vacation and on this boat the galley is the central area»," said the German actor.

He noted that he is impressed with «green» concept of the shipyard Greenline: «We made a big mess on the Earth, it's time to think about it». Like other Greenline boats, the 48-foot model, which caught the star's eye, is equipped with solar panels and electric motors. On electric power alone, the boat can travel 20 miles at 6 knots - in peace and quiet.

Hardy Krueger Jr, son of German cinematic legend Hardy Krueger, is known for his roles in films such as «Dracula» and«Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar». He inherited his love of water recreation, like his love of movies, from his titular father. « We had a garage in the basement of our house for the boat, so we'd just launch it and go».

Slovenian Greenline Yachts brought four new products toGermany. In addition to the 48 Coupe, the yard also introduced the NEO hybrid boat in coupe and hardtop versions, and an all-electric 39-footer.

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