The most interesting novelties in the segment of motor yachts
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The most interesting novelties in the segment of motor yachts

They chose 11 new boats from 12 to 40 meters, which are worth paying attention to in the new season.

While we were preparing this review of interesting new motor yachts to debut at the Cannes show in autumn, the news came - not too unexpectedly - that the show would not take place this year. However, the list of premieres is still worthy of the attention of those who are thinking about the next (hopefully full-fledged) yachting season to change their fiberglass engine friend for something bigger, especially since shipyards and brokers are actively looking for alternative ways to introduce their new products to customers. A good example is the Russian dealer Prestige Yachts, who has sent out invitations for individual test drives of the brand's yachts in Monaco. The newest Pretige X70, which was included in our review, includes compact motor yachts from 12 to 15 metres, medium size flybridge yachts and several superyacht novelties from 30 metres.

Compact sports cruisers: Beneteau Gran Turismo 36, Jeanneau Cap Camarat 12.5 WA and Cayman Yachts S520.

French Beneteau and Jeanneau are often the main rivals of each other and the segment of sports cruisers is no exception. The 12m Gran Turismo 36 and Jeanneau Cap Camarat 12.4 WA (European and world premieres in Cannes) are the transitional link in the evolution of motorboats into motor yachts. Both boats below deck have a small kitchenette with everything you need for a full meal in any weather and a bathroom with separate shower. There are two cabins, one on the bow and one on the midships. However, Cap Camarat's forward «cabin» is at the same time a cabin with a V-shaped sofa, traditional for boats, transformable into a bed. On the other hand, the designers have placed two beds in the midships, a single and a double. Thus, Jeanneau will take on board five overnight passengers, and Beneteau - only four. But Beneteau guests will be much more comfortable on full beds with good lighting from the large windows provided on both sides.

A large sunbed on the bow of Beneteau for safety is slightly recessed into the boat's hull. And on the bow of Jeanneau, thanks to a transformer bed that can be transformed into a sofa with a table, a second cockpit is actually formed.

Beneteau is distinguished by its wide range of engines. Owners are offered both tilt and turn loudspeakers and outboard engines with a range of power from 270 to 350 hp. Only outboard engines are available for Jeanneau. By the way, that's why the model has a folding board - there is simply no place for a bathing platform on it.

While the Gran Turismo 36 and Cap Camarat 12.4 WA are such motor yachts, the almost 16-metre Cayman Yachts S520 is sure to be a complete motor yacht. And, of course, there are no more hangers - just a tilt and turn column. Under deck there are three rather spacious cabins with two bathrooms, and the galley (much more spacious) is moved to the main deck under the protection of a hardtop. There is a full-sized fridge and dishwasher. The boat can even be optionally equipped with a crew cockpit.

All three boats are certified in category B and are suitable for off-shore cruising.

Medium size flybridge yachts: Ferretti Yachts 500, Cetera 60C, Princess S66 and Prestige X70.

With the 15-meter Ferreti Yachts 500, the Italian shipyard began updating the whole range. Now the image of the boats will be more dynamic. At Ferretti Yachts 500, this effect is achieved, among other things, through a combination of the extensive and continuous glazing of the main deck saloon and the chopped-out windows. As for the interior, owners will have a choice of 2 design options: classic «in a warm» range of colors and cooler, Mediterranean modern .Two spacious double cabins are available below deck, with the option of adding another small single, increasing the total number of berths on board from 4 to 5.Compared to the other three models, which even without crew cabins can sleep from 6 guests, this is the most modest figure. This is understandable if we remember that Ferretti is the most compact of them not only in length but also in width, which does not reach 4.5 meters.

The 18 metre Cetera on the other side is distinguished by its unusually wide hull (almost 5.5 metres, even larger than the 22 metre Prestige). Thanks to this and the clever layout, the total living space on this model exceeds 145 square metres - 30 square metres more than is normally available on boats of this size. The 60C has plenty of room to walk around, with two cockpits aboard (stern and bow) and an indoor flybridge with an American-style galley and a dining table eight more like a full-blown sandwich. All three double guest cabins are located in a quiet«area on the» main deck. An additional bonus for the VIP and master stateroom is the 2-meter high panoramic windows. The engine power of the model is the same as that of the 15-meter Ferretti - 550 hp. (However, they are installed tilt and turn speakers, not shafts).

Princess differs from the other three models by the biggest engine power (two MAN shafts with 1400 hp) and habitability. This model has four double guest cabins in a standard layout, while the Prestige version has four cabins as an option. Sunbathing beds aboard the Princess are only available on the main deck, but unlike the Cetera they can be found both aft and forward.The galley on the main deck and the fully-opening electrically operated window turn the kitchen into a bar for those relaxing in the cockpit.

The almost 22 metre Prestige X70 is positioned as «a superyacht in miniature and a» luxury«crossover . This is a kind of villa in which you can live not by the water, but right on the water. On the Prestige website you can build your yacht in a configurator.

Of the four models presented, only Prestige gives owners the choice between tilt and turntables and shafts. In terms of power, the difference between these two options is 200 hp. (2x 900 or 2x 1000 hp). For those who are interested in this model and can get to Monaco on 27-29 August, there is a small loophole: for Prestige customers, there will be a traditional annual test drive on these dates, in which the X70 will also take part.

All four very different boats in Cannes were waiting for the world premiere, the choice between them depends on which parameter is decisive for the buyer. Do you need the maximum length? Look at the Prestige. Is the width more important? Cetera is waiting for you. Ferretti will delight those who are looking for a small boat where you don't notice its compactness.Princess, on the other hand, attracts with its engine power and habitability, easily competing with Prestige, although the latter is longer and wider, and it is Princess and Prestige that are definitely the boats for charter in the first place.

Superyachts: Riva 88' Folgore, Mangusta Gransport 33, Maiora 35 Exuma, Benetti Oasis.

The collaboration of Ferretti's specialists with the Officina Italiana Design studio resulted in the birth of a boat that the shipyard describes as «beautiful, almost like ships of science fiction - the 26.92» m Riva 88' Folgore. This is the third model in the Sportfly range, which also includes 66' Ribelle and 76' Perseo.

Up to 20 people can party aboard this fully open flybridge watercraft. The role of the beach club by the boat is played by the hydraulic garage door for the tender. The Riva can be flown at an impressive speed of up to 36 knots (not without reason folgore «»translates from Italian as lightning«), but not»far - the model has a range of only 350 nautical miles. However, this is enough for stylish jogging in southern Europe. However, the 88' Folgore is Ocean «Class» A certified.

Sleeping in 4 double cabins on the lower deck will allow 8 people. For the Owner's stateroom of 24 sq.m. 3 layouts are available at once.

The 33-metre Mangusta Gransport 33 has a range of 1150 nautical miles in economy mode (at 10 knots). Its maximum speed is only 26 knots. Not much compared to the Riva, but it's 3 times less likely to be refilled.

Up to 12 people can travel comfortably on board. On the lower deck there are 4 bedrooms with separate bathrooms. The spacious Owner's suite is on the main deck and the main features of the cabin are an island bed and two bathrooms with shared shower.The rest of the superstructure is occupied by a luxurious saloon (a single living and dining area) and a hidden galley. Outside the superstructure, guests will find a cockpit with a wide sofa and another dining table, while the main saloon is on the flybridge. There are sun loungers for sunbathing, a bar and ideal space for cocktail parties.

The main feature of the 35.2 metre Maiora 35 Exuma will be open, barrier-free spaces. Of course, superyacht enthusiasts will be surprised by the spacious decks with relaxation and Jacuzzi areas or the panoramic glazing that makes guests in the main deck saloon forget to be indoors while admiring the scenery.

But this boat also has something very special. The first of these highlights is of course the stern staircase. Contrary to usual, it is not divided into two passageways along the sides, but spread out over the full width of the hull (7.8 meters). Arriving at the 6.7 metre tender and climbing up to the main deck, guests will feel like they are on the red carpet of some kind of film festival. For those resting in the cockpit area, the second original solution that can be found on board is a large opening hatch on the roof of the closed salon on the flybridge. In good weather, guests can dine right under the starry sky, with up to 11 guests on board in 5 cabins.

The low draft will allow owners to enjoy cruising on both sides of the Atlantic all year round without being afraid of shallow water. The Maiora 35 Exuma has approximately the same range as the Mangusta Gransport 33, but the engines are much more powerful: 3x 1925 hp versus 4x 1000 hp Mangusta. Due to this its top speed is almost the same as that of the Riva - 35 knots.

The luxurious 40.8 metre Benetti Oasis is obviously in a different class to her neighbors, a four-deck yacht and a chic aft beach club with a swimming pool and a range of up to 4000 nautical miles at 11 knots. But Benetti's top speed is very modest. It's only 15 knots.

As on board Maiora, Benetti has 5 guest cabins, but more spacious. The owner's suite on the main deck, which includes not only bathrooms and dressing rooms, but also an office, occupies a total of about 50 square meters. The main emphasis in the design of the exterior and interior is on smooth rounded lines.

Oasis was launched on August 10th and is now up for sale.

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