Alfa Romeo II is now a Croatian yacht.

Alfa Romeo II is now a Croatian yacht.

The fastest yacht in the world has found a new owner.

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It's a businessman from Croatia. The brokerage company asked for a super maxi of almost 3.5 million euros for the ribbon of honor, but the final amount of the deal is not disclosed.

Alfa Romeo II was built in Australia in 2005. At that time it was equipped with the most advanced chips in the world of sailing racing: a rocking keel, water ballast and two helmsmen. Despite the fact that since 2005 these and other "chips" have been applied to many other super maxi, Alfa Romeo II remained almost invincible in speed on water.

What fate awaits this beautiful girl now - only Croatians know. Perhaps it will be a corporate party ship, or Alfa Romeo II will start racing again (as it was with Alfa Romeo I, which became Shockwave, and then - Rumbler and continued to compete). As for Neville Kriston, he can only be congratulated on a good deal (given the crisis). Neville will now have only Alfa Romeo IIІ - the newest (built in 2008) and the smallest (70 feet) of the family of "Alf". In principle, it can be assumed that Neville will build a new 100-foot car all at the same McConaghy shipyard in Sydney on the project "fathers" of the previous "Alf" - Reichel/Pugh.

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