New plans Oceanco

New plans Oceanco

The shipyard is building a dock for 100-meter yachts.

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At the last Monaco Yacht Show, Oceanco Shipyard presented its future plans to the media and officially introduced the new head of the company. The Dutch shipyard, which produces a flotilla of highly visible mega yachts (Vibrant Curiosity, Alfa Nero, Anastasia, Amevi and Amevi), has been pleased to announce its plans for the future. StargateFor example, Mr. Mohammed Al-Barwani, an independent investor from Oman, now rules. He bought the company in April this year and it seems that Oceanco plans to spend the proceeds on a large scale.

The company's top management has announced plans to build a huge dry dock where Oceanco yachts of 100+ meters caliber will be built. The building with the dimensions 165x52x32 meters will be erected next to the existing Oceanco shops.

Although construction has not yet started, the shipyard already has plans for several projects over 100 meters in length by such greats as Sam Sorggiovanni and Nuvolari & Lenard.

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