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Cannes Seven

Boats from legendary shipyards, boats from beginners. What are the Cannes Yachting Festival premieres in 2014?
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From September 9th to 14th, the Cote d'Azur is hosting the largest public yacht exhibition in Europe. Cannes Yachting Festival. Which boats are worth looking at?

1. Azimut Grande 95 RPH

The novelty of the Grande line. This boat is about how much a thoughtful layout gives. She seems more voluminous than she should be at 28.6 meters - a spacious salon, impressive master cabin and flybridge. Let's expand the RPH - the main control post of the pilothouse. This engineering technique has allowed the owner's stateroom to be placed on the main deck, while keeping it separate. We have already talked about its impressive size.

2. Osprey 38

The boats of the Dutch shipyard Wajer are difficult to pass by. Firstly, it carries the honorary title of the «official tender of the Cannes Yacht Show» (in practice, this means it carries «VIPs»and glimpses near the main entrance). And secondly, this well-coordinated, real Mediterranean boat is for some reason the embodiment of the Cote d'Azur, made by the Dutch. By the way, such a yacht was recently purchased by the King of the Netherlands. The younger models were extremely successful... Osprey 37 was once the Motorboat of the Year.

3. Goldfish 50 Ocean

For those of you who love speed, take a look at the Norwegian designer's light. Paul Sollywho brought his fast boats to the show. In particular, Goldfish 50 Ocean - one of the fastest cruisers on the planet in its class. Its hull is made of lightweight carbon, which allows it to show «miracles on turns», speeding up to 170 km/h. The boat is fully comfortable on board and is suitable not only for short walks with the wind, but also for short cruises. It is designed for five people.

4. Shipman 59 Seaway Yachts.

One of the most curious sailing premieres of the Festival de Cannes. Shipman 59 is one of the three largest boats on the show, 19.80 m, designed to be operated by a small crew. Labour-intensive processes are taken out of the hands of automatics and, in general, the ergonomics of the boat is such that the yacht can be handled by a single yachtsman. The yacht can be operated from a panoramic view deckhouse as well as from a weatherproof cockpit. Carbon, lightweight - this yacht is designed for fast sailing. So far we have only the renders of this yacht and the plans - so we are looking forward to seeing the show live. And two other obligatory «chips»to mention. One is the buoyancy of the yacht. Even the damaged hull will remain afloat, thanks to four waterproof compartments. Secondly, it is an economical combination of a hybrid propulsion system and a solar panel. Judging by its characteristics, it can really do with the sun and wind.

5. Logica 147.

A dark horse in many ways - both in terms of the shipyard's low profile and the radical black hull. The Italian shipyard Logica is just beginning its journey in the industry, the Logica 147 is its second project. The boat looks militarily restrained - clear, straight exterior lines, low superstructure. At this point, the visible austerity ends and 6 comfortable cabins, a 5.5 metre swimming pool, a beach club, a gym and other areas seemingly designed for a larger boat.

6. 46 Displacement from Baglietto SP

This is the first boat from the long-awaited range of displacement boats from Baglietto, 46m. There will be five in total, in the size range of 43 to 50 meters, all under construction at the yard in La Spezia. The boat has a recognizable design by authorship. Francesco Paczkowskiwho this time wasn't just looking at the exterior, but also the interiors of the yacht.

At the stern of the yacht there are 25 «squares» of beach club, the bow is «working» and is given to the 5,5 meter tender.

7. 70 Sunreef Power 1 Life

A rare beast on catamarans is the IPS drive, which improves maneuverability and makes mooring easier. The first model of the 70 Sunreef Power 1 Life is equipped with such a system and it will be presented in France. In general, the first of this line came out very practical, for life - so, it has a hydraulic elevator for launching and lifting water toys. It is fully packed for both active and relaxed rest. In addition, the Sunreef booth promises the presence of a first magnitude star - Sunreef 102 IPHARRAis one of the biggest sailing catamarans in the world.

Bonus: Two great boats whose owners refused to exhibit at the last minute.

Ocean Paradise

Benetti's 55-metre Ocean Paradise could be the largest boat of the Cannes Boat Show. The owner, a young businessman from Singapore, was actively involved in its design. With minimal details in the interior, «sea-style» finishes and cosy interiors, this is what Ocean»Paradise looks «like to him.

Four guest cabins are concentrated on the lower deck. Each has its own spacious bathroom. The master suite with a folding balcony terrace is located forward on the main deck from side to side. The yacht has a beach club with a large bathing platform and a waterfall pool on the deck. Best of all, the owner is ready to share his paradise and the yacht will be available for charter.

The Riva 122 Mythos.

It would have been an unforgivable sin to go to the Festival in Cannes and pass by the largest yacht to date built by the legendary Riva, but the owner decided not to tempt us. The hull of the 37.5 metre boat is entirely made of light aluminium. For the Ancona shipyard, this is new. The interior materials are walnut wood, leather and chrome steel. The standard layout includes 3 or 4 cabins, but it is possible to add a fifth. Whether four suites are enough and whether a fifth is superfluous, you can study it on site. As for speeds, here Riva is as always at height - the maximum speed of 28.5 knots, cruise speed - 26.

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