7 unforgettable boats

7 unforgettable boats

These yachts have a long memory, because they are unusual, beautiful and just strange.
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A catamaran resembling a water meter, a yacht painted as a work of modern art, a boat in the form of a guitar. Fantasies of shipbuilders are sometimes embodied in reality to capture the imagination of ordinary mortals for a long time.


It is called the first Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V). Thanks to the special structure of the hull «Proteus» slides on the crest of the wave, not cuts it. Four metal «legs» on two pontoons make the catamaran look like a giant spider or more like a water meter.


The world's largest solar-powered boat looks like a spaceship from «Star Trek». The flat surface of the catamaran is 35 meters long and 16 meters wide with 500 square meters of solar cells feeding 11.7 tons of batteries. Now PlanetSolar is making a round-the-world trip, you can follow its course here.

SS Maton

The boat in the form of a guitar was created for the musical video by the artist Josh Pike. It's awesome!

Neptune Despina/Larissa.

Despina and Larissa are twin brothers. Both are distinguished by their unconventional design and interesting hull coloring. And in general, these are oil platform supply vessels: inspected and repaired, boredomed mortal.


According to the official website, the boat is operating at 100 per cent biodiesel, which has not prevented it from setting a world record, having circled the globe in 14 days.


The biggest yacht in the world, which dropped from the pedestal of the previous record holder - Eclipse Roman Abramovich. You should agree that it is difficult to get a private boat 180 meters long out of your head. Except that it will be replaced by an even more giant boat, which has recently been reported on the market.


This yacht blurs the line between shipbuilding and art. The boat, with its unusual colouring, belongs to Dakis Joan, a Greek collector of modern art.

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