8 Best Motor Superyacht Premiere Monaco Yacht Show 2015
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8 Best Motor Superyacht Premiere Monaco Yacht Show 2015

The 25th Monaco Yacht Show was a record-breaking event: not only in terms of the number of guests and exhibitors, but also in terms of an abundance of interesting superyacht premieres.
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If you look at the statistics, the 25th Monaco Yacht Show was record-breaking: 34.5 thousand people attended the boat show - one and a half thousand more than last year. There were 121 superyachts on display and the total number of exhibiting companies exceeded 530, making this the largest exhibition in its 24-year history, which took place earlier in October. But the world's largest superyacht event is more than just numbers. This year the Hercules port was in a good mood and shipyard representatives seemed happier than in the previous few years.

Focusing on expansion, the organizers added a tender exhibition, a water toys show, a pop-up bar and an outdoor coffee shop to the program, where visitors could get free coffee at any time of day. But of course, the real stars of the show were big yachts. Among the premieres were expedition yachts from Sanlorenzo and Piriou, the beautiful 253-foot Silver Fast from Silveryachts Australia and the majestic sailing superyacht Sea Eagle from Royal Huisman. Fortunately, the list of new products was as exciting as it was long. We present the 8 most impressive premieres of the Monaco Yacht Show 2015.

Sanlorenzo 460EXP

Sanlorenzo knows how to breathe a spirit of elegance into any shape, even the potentially square and heavy hulls of expedition yachts. The 150-foot 460EXP is built on a 137-foot steel hull, whose low draft allows the yacht to enter even the most secluded bays. Green Plus classification, obtained from the Royal Institute of Marine Architects, means that the yacht can stay at anchor in the harbour for a long time without the use of generators, thus eliminating harmful emissions and noise, as well as sailing at low speed in an economical mode. The large aft area has allowed toys and tenders up to 30 feet long to be placed on board. A large infinity edge pool and a beach club with bar and sauna provide great opportunities for relaxation. Another pool, gym and sauna with Turkish bath are located on another deck. The 460EXP can reach 16 knots and has a cruising range of 4,000 miles at 11 knots.

Damen SeaXplorer

Damen, the parent company of Amels shipyard, presented three expedition yachts of the new SeaXplorer range at the Monaco Yacht Show. SeaXplorer's yachts have been designed to sail to any part of the world, not excluding the Arctic. Sized between 213 and 328 feet, these yachts will be built to meet Polar Class 6 requirements. Outside brutality will be complemented by luxurious interiors by Azure Yacht Designs, including everything necessary for a 40-day continuous voyage that new explorers will be capable of. A small fleet of tenders, water toys and submarines will be available for onboard entertainment. The largest yachts in the SeaXplorer series will be able to carry two helicopters.

Silveryachts Silver Fast

Rapid and long silver boom, Silver Fast owes its appearance to Espen Øino, and modern interiors of German Vain Interiors. The Germans made excellent use of the generous interior space of the boat: three VIP cabins are located on the main deck and three guest cabins on the lower deck. The entire upper deck is at the owner's disposal: there is a large suite with 180-degree sea views, his and her bathrooms, a separate salon and a secluded outdoor terrace.
The decoration in calm tones is complemented by a deep bronze zebrano wood finish. The proportions of the yacht are perfectly aligned: although it is a long, low-profile vessel, the heliport fits perfectly into her appearance. A large aft cockpit with a dining table for 20 people will bring together a large company and the beach club below offers a full range of activities including a beauty salon, massage room and fully equipped gym. The hull of Silver Fast really justifies the ship's name, with a top speed of 27 knots. At 18 knots, the yacht will travel 4,500 miles without refueling.

CRN Atlante

Although stylized as a warship, the 180ft CRN Atlante is soft and fluffy on the inside: its interiors are full of natural light and in soft, muted tones. The brutal look is the responsibility of Nuvolari Lenard: its designers used sharp lines, square shapes and black for the superstructure. Even the windows were tinted! At the Monaco show, CRN showed its versatility with two new yachts in addition to Atlante, the 239-foot Yalla and the 200-foot Saramour.

Lürssen Ester III

Lurssen continues to amaze with its manic attention to small details, emphasizing the individuality of large enclosures. The 216-foot Ester III is no exception. The Espen Øino exterior is beautiful and muscular, but softened and diluted with lattice windows and a high mast. The interiors from Reymond Langton plunge into a completely separate world, where French classics reign, generously decorated with gold leaf, embossed leather and bronze accents. At the heart of the interior is the main staircase, decorated with artistic work, hand-carved on the leather by craftsmen of furniture brand Silverlining. Light falling from huge, full-height windows on the upper deck illuminate this artwork.
Ester III is not to everyone's taste, but it shows how skillfully Lurssen fulfills the owner's wishes, translating them into luxurious details that create a unique identity for the yard's custom projects.

Piriou Yersin

When the Francois Fiat yachtsman wanted a serious expedition yacht, he turned to the French shipyard Piriou. Although Piriou had several yacht projects, she was known primarily as a builder of commercial vessels capable of withstanding all climatic conditions. The 252-foot Piriou Yersin, the first expedition yacht of the French shipyard, was built according to several key principles: maximum range, the ability to sail around the world and, ultimately, environmentally friendly design.
Yersin's steel hull with reinforced insulation allows her to sail in both polar and tropical waters with equal comfort. An active ice class stabilization system provides comfort on board, while the diesel-electric propulsion system has a large margin of safety and can continue to operate even if one of the six generators fails. The boat has an impressive range of 15,000 nautical miles - the equivalent of five Atlantic cruises from New York to Europe. Yersin can go nonstop for 50 days, even when completely full of people. Its maximum passenger capacity is 40 people (20 guests and 20 crew members).

Heesen Ann G

Before arriving in Monaco, the 164-foot Ann G has been sailed through the North Sea and sailed through the Norwegian fjords. The exterior designer of this boat, Clifford Denn, received a brief that required him to create a powerful, almost aggressive «personality». He used dark blue of the steel hull and white of the superstructure, combining them with many curved lines. In the interior of Reymond Langton, power and strength are also felt, with Macassar ebony with stainless steel accents predominating. The lighting in white onyx, parchment wallpaper and leather accents easily guesses the Art Deco style.

Tankoa Suerte

The 230ft Tankoa Suerte was built on the docks of the shipyard in Genoa for a client from Russia who expressed two wishes: to divert the paths of guests and crew of 16 people to intersect minimally, and to create a modern interior as opposed to the lush tastelessness that prevails on some superyachts. Francesco Paszkowski met the client's first requirement by designing separate entrances and exits for guests and crew, while Margherita Casprini created a modern interior using teak, black shale, oak, leather, Jerusalem stone and marble. A special feature of this yacht is the skydeck pool with glass openings in the bottom, which serve as skylights for the salon below deck. Advanced Tankoa soundproofing technology and the use of carbon filters to limit emissions make Suerte one of the quietest and greenest yachts in Monaco. By the way, she is available for charter for $689,000.

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