Wall Painting

Wall Painting

Orka Fine Arts - "new word" in the art of the sea.


Modern art has reached megayachts as well: the Orka Fine Arts company creates unusual "decorations" for interiors of new boats.

Company Founder Tom Liesegang creates "hidden portraits of boats" using... working drawings, line drawings and other schemes made with indelible Plexiglas and aluminium carcasses. The author presents this work as a new word in maritime fine arts. "With the right approach, yacht drawings, sketches and specifications, as well as sophisticated technology, are also a full-fledged art," says Lisegang. - With my works, I seek to rethink and rethink the traditional view of this art form.

Since its founding in 2004, Orka Fine Arts has already housed such renowned shipyards on its boats as Blohm + Voss, Heesen и Oceanco.

Even if the sketches and schemes do not draw on the "high art", but the originality of the idea and execution deserves respect. By the way, there is something touching about it: decorating their boats with drawings and sketches of their boats, happy owners of megayachts remind proud parents who hang up their children's photos of their children's wards in diapers and sliders.

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