Fairline Shipyard has a new CEO

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The British shipbuilder has a new CEO. Kevin Gaskel is the new CEO. He is not a newcomer to the company. He has served as an independent director on the board of Fairline since 2012. However, the deciding factor for his new appointment was probably something else - Kevin has worked as «manager» at companies such as Porsche Cars GB Limited and BMW GB. Fairline plans to focus on product development and promotion on the global stage in the near future. This is where Gaskell's experience with premium brands will come in handy. Which the chairman, Peter Williamson, didn't fail to mention.

Former CEOAlistair Schofield has been in his role for just over 18 months, having taken over in January 2012. During that time Fairline ramped up production capacity with a new facility in Kirby, announced it was profitable for the first time in 3 years and announced new boats. It doesn't look like a failure, to put it bluntly.

Fairline just said «the second part of the company's development» is coming, and Kevin Gaskell will take over. It feels like the guys have a clear vision of how to become financially successful, and the top management reshuffle is one step in the plan towards a brighter future.

At the Cannes show, Fairline will unveil the new Targa 48 Open.

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