Perini Navi launches motor yacht-turner


Construction of Eco-Tender project was announced by Italian shipyard Perini Navi back in autumn 2017. Just then the company was undergoing reorganization and rebranding. And now, a year and a half later, the 25-meter aluminum hybrid boat , fully designed by «home» specialists of the shipyard, has been launched.

This yacht is not only the first project completed by the Perini Navi group after their reorganisation, but it is also the first motoryacht to be built under this brand, having previously been under the Picchiotti label.

More importantly the Eco-Tender is the only planing hull in the company's history. The Perini Navi Group has never built anything like this before.

The project was designed for the owner of a 50m Perini Navi. The customer didn't want to exchange his boat forsomething bigger but he didn't mind additional guest cabins. The second starting point was that the owner wanted to explore the coast with his family insomething more comfortable than a standard RIB. The third requirement was for design: the extra boat had to look no less elegant than the sailing yacht the owner already owns and be just as luxurious and upscale on the inside.

The solution to all three wishes was found: «tender» is a compact motor superyacht. A shapeshifter in itself - whether a tender is a superyacht or a superyacht is a tender is a big question.

«This is obviously not an ordinary tender, but a representative of the new generation of supertenders equipped with facilities and technology of the appropriate level. This ultra-modern tender breaks new ground at a time when the brand continues to work on improving its product line to meet the changing demands of the market»," comments Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman and CEO of Perini Navi.

A distinctive feature of the Eco-Tender hull was the raised deck: the owner wanted to be able to switch easily and safely from motorboat to sailing boat and back. Elevated deck allowed to organize two recreational areas with sofas and tables in the bow of the boat «recessed». At the very bow is a sofa, which is supposed to be«a springboard» for the owner who is fond of landscape photography.

Aft there are sunbathing sunbeds. The swim platform on the Eco-Tender is fixed. Under the canopy of the hardtop is the dining area.

Three double guest cabins are located on the lower deck: VIP, which occupies the entire space at midships from side to side (Eco-Tender's maximum width is 5.8 meters), forward (as well as VIP - with a double bed) and one stateroom with two twin beds. A double crew cabin adjoins the bulkhead that separates the engine room from the living quarters. Each cabin on board has a separate bathroom with a combined WC.

The interior of the boat favours brushed teak and white lacquered wood for the furniture.

The boat owes the prefix «Eco» to its propulsion system: two diesel engines MAN V12-1650, two Hamilton HM 531 water jets and two Siemens 150 kW electric motors, supplemented by a Siemens Custom 125 kWe power generator capable of running in four different modes.

In the diesel version, the water jets are powered by fossil fuel engines only. In the hybrid version, the engine and an electric motor drive a generator. Diesel-electric mode implies operation of the generator and two electric motors only.

During port manoeuvres or in areas with a particularly fragile natural ecosystem, a special variant of engine operation can be activatedfor just one hour on Eco-Tender. This is the mode «Zero emissions» («Zero emissions»). The electric motors are powered from the battery. In addition to environmental friendliness, this mode is characterized by absolute quietness. However, in the other three configurations it does not exceed 55 dB.

According to Perini Navi Sales Director Luca Boldrini, this is the first time such a sophisticated hybrid system has been installed on a superyacht tender.

The Eco-Tender has a top speed of 30 knots. At cruise speed of 25 knots, the vessel can travel up to 350 nautical miles. Steerability of the boat is improved by Quick Italia 15 kW bow thruster.

The boat has a draft of only 1.15 meters, which will allow her to approach shallow waters and greatly expand the geography where the Eco-Tender will be suitable for use. Maximum displacement is 71 tons. Up to 7000 litres of fuel and 1000 litres of fresh water can be stored on board.

Not only the engine is unique for a yacht of this size, but also the navigation system. The control panel features a 4k Touch Screen, via which all the systems onboard can be controlled via the I-Bridge Multitouch System of Team Italia. The monitors can be fixed in two positions: «navigation» and«cockpit».

The augmented reality function, which connects navigation data with video images, will make technical information clear.

While at anchor, the Anchor Tracking System (AWS) can display and monitor all necessary equipment. Thanks to it you can see everything that is happening around the boat: the system «sees» in 360 degrees. Using radar, thermal imaging and a flashlight, the AWS shows the motion tracks of the surrounding vessels. The system can be programmed to activate an alarm when a dangerous approach is detected.

For communications with the outside world there are two satellite station terminals on board providinginternet connectivity and 3 satellite phones. Communication with 50-metersailboat owner at the speed of 100 Mbit per second Eco-Tender will be able to maintain even dozens of miles away.

Now the boat is undergoing sea trials. It is expected to be handed over to the owner in April.

Remarkably, at the same time as Eco-Tender, the 42-meterPerini Navi E-volutionyacht also touched water for the first time. About a year ago the concepts for these two projects were unveiled two days apart. However, the launching of E-volution is still purely technical: the boat is being moved from Istanbulto Viareggioin Italy .