Clad in glass

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Dutch design-bureau Vripack and German shipyard Nobiskrug Shipyard in the Netherlands has unveiled a concept 56m superyacht concept. She looks not just more than just daring, it looks like it came straight out of a fantasy film. of a sci-fi movie. According to the makers' concept the boat is is intended for the young generation owners and stylistically resembles stylistically reminiscent of high-end real estate typical of Hong Kong or Dubai.

These two ultramodern metropolises were mentioned for a reason, as in the design process... the taste preferences of the wealthy... of the rich in Asia and the MiddleEast.

From the outside the futuristic vessel has many attractions and truly striking, but... «its main weapon» is the abundance of glass. It's almost all glass. everywhere.

« All the walls of the superstructure are made of glass, no metal at all. The design is not constrained by any traditional yacht design rules», notes Joost Mertens , Vripack's designer.

Another another feature is the compact and efficient hybrid propulsion system. another feature is the compact hybrid propulsion system. With it the superyacht will be able to cruise at a cruising speed of 11 knots and a maximum of 14 knots.

«This hybrid yacht is a great model for owners who love the brand Nobiskrug but aren't ready for a 140-meter boat», - says Fadi Pataq, Nobiskrug's creative director.

The garage for tenders has been moved from the stern to the bow. This solution gives direct access to the four identical spaces. this solution provides direct access to Nobiskrug's four, evenly spaced This solution provides direct access to four identical, evenly spaced guest cabins on one side and an open plan gymnasium on the other. open plan gymnasium on one side. this gives direct access to the four identical guest cabins on one side and an open plan gym on the other.

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