Dynamiq of the highest order

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Young Dynamiq, owned by Sergey Dobroserdov, from the moment of its foundation has expressed claims for the right to carry the unofficial title of shipyard of the future. « Golden» GTT135 from the limited edition CARAT shows the seriousness of these ambitions.

Designed for the Middle East, the hulls of the GTT 135 CARAT are painted in the exclusive color Royal Gold.

Oriental luxury isn't just on the outside here, but inside as well. The bathrooms feature high-end plumbing from Serdaneli in gilding.

The saloon on the main deck features a real fireplace and the music system is a Hi-End installation by Steinway Lyngdorf.

In the engine room, each of the two MAN V12 engines flaunts gold-plated cylinder heads.

The Dynamiq GTT 135 is an all-aluminium 41m superyacht with a low draft (only 1.6m), enviable speed capabilities and a transatlantic range of 3,000nm.

The first hull of the conventional 135 was sold in October 2018 and is due for delivery to the owner in the summer of 2020.

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