The best yachts from 13 to 20 meters in length

The best yachts from 13 to 20 meters in length

Tell us about mid-sized motor yachts on the short list of World Yachts Trophies 2020.
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The Cannes show in 2020 could not be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the cancellation of the event did not affect the annual World Yachts Trophies Award, which is traditionally presented during the Cannes Yachting Festival. The finalists of the 19th edition of the award are 69 boats from 13m to 140m that were launched in a year, and in this article we offer you to meet the 12 boats that made it to the final in the 13.7m to 19.5m (45 to 64ft) category.

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Better exterior design

Azimut Verve 47 (winner)

The main feature of this 14.5 metre model is its redesigned «deep V hull,» designed by Michael Peters. The patented design ensures the boat's longitudinal stability during high-speed manoeuvring. This is really important for this yacht with a displacement of 17.5 tons, as four Mercury 450R outboard engines of 450 hp each are capable of speeds up to 50 knots. Cruise speed will vary at 37 knots.

The Azimut Verve 47 is the largest boat of its kind from Michael Peters and is currently available on the market.

Another, rather a purely aesthetic feature in the design of the model is the glazed bulwark at the control station level. Thus, the helmsman (especially on corners) has the possibility to see the culvert wave, which as if becomes an extension of the boat hull.

Princess V55

Of the three nominees, this model, with its dynamic and elegant profile, is the largest and most powerful. It is 17.8 metres long and 4.65 metres wide - 15 cm more than Azimut and 75 cm more than Frauscher, which we will discuss later. The yacht is powered by 2 shafts of Volvo D13 1000 with 1000 hp each. Since the model is 10 tons heavier than the Azimut, the 37 knots, which is a cruising speed for a competitor, is the maximum for Princess.

The V55 is the only of three nominees to have a closed salon.

However, it does not prevent the guests from enjoying the sea breeze: once the doors are opened and the window is completely lowered into the cockpit, the salon becomes a kind of continuation of the aft rest area.

Frauscher Demon Air 1414

Of the three nominees, this model from Austria is the most compact and the least powerful. Its length is 13.9 meters, width is 3.9 meters. It is accelerated by a pair of stationary engines with 440 hp each.

Modest technical characteristics, however, did not prevent her from receiving one award in autumn 2019: Best of Boats awards 2019.

The model has been voted the «best for entertainment».

Like Azimut, this boat has an edged hull, and unlike the competitor has three rather than two bypasses. The yacht also features a straight bow with a vertical stem. The T-top carbon fiber visor seems purely symbolic, but in fact it is able to extend and shade the cockpit area. The stylish windscreen without a frame also attracts attention.

Better planning

Pearl 62 (winner)

The maximum width of this 18.6 meter model is 5.3 meters. Of the three nominees, Pearl has the largest.

Benefits from its good habitability.

Four double bedrooms can be accommodated on the lower deck.

The master suite on the midships takes up all the space from side to side and has a separate entrance. The large VIP is located at the bow. Optionally, a small fifth crew cabin can also be arranged under the cockpit. This space can also be used as a storeroom.

The standard layout of the model implies a flybridge with a rest area and a second control station, but if you wish, you can opt for a hardtop with a light window. The aft bathing platform on this boat is also an option.

The layout options for the main deck differ in the layout of the dining table on the starboard side. It can be installed either in front of the galley, aft of the saloon, or closer to the bow, in the rest area behind the control station.

Franchini Mia 63

This is the biggest boat in this category. It is 19.2 metres long, 0.6 metres longer than the Pearl and 2 metres longer than the Riviera 505 SUV, which will be discussed below.

The Mia 63 stands out from the crowd in terms of its wealth of layout options.

The model is available in four variants: open, with T-Top visor, with full hardtop or even with a flybridge, which provides a large additional sunbed and a second control post.

The layout of the main deck has 2 options: either the galley is on the main deck or the lower deck and then the L-shaped sofa takes its place. An exception is the open modification of the model where the galley is either on the lower deck or not at all.

The lower deck can have two or three double guest bedrooms. Crew cabin is optional. The galley, being moved from the main deck, takes the place of the dressing room located on the midships master cabin. A third guest bedroom can also be set up in the lounge area with sofa and table to starboard.

Riviera 505 SUV

This boat from Australia is the smallest yacht in this category. She is only 17 metres long and 4.96 metres wide. On the lower deck, three bedrooms are waiting for guests: a full-beam master suite with a separate bathroom and dressing room, a VIP forward suite and a tight guest cabin where the berths can be placed only above one another. The VIP and the second guest cabin have one bathroom for two.

Flybridge is not available on this model either. It only comes with a hardtop with a light window. On the other hand, a hydraulic bathing platform is standard.

The main trump card of the Riviera 505 SUV, thanks to which she apparently got into this category - her cockpit. Its space is divided into two very different zones.

At the stern, directly at the water, there is an area more commonly found on fishing boats: a pair of laconic seats with storage compartments underneath and that's it. Even the floor is not necessarily covered with teak. On the nose, under the roof canopy there is a second zone with cozy sofas on both sides and a table. Not only is it separated from the first partition, but it is even slightly raised above it. And only behind this second cockpit begins the closed superstructure of the yacht.

The best innovation

48 Wallytender X

Almost all the highlights of this 14.9 metre model are related to its four Mercury Verado V8 450R outboard engines, each rated at 450 hp.

First, they accelerate the yacht to an impressive 55 knots.

At cruising speeds of 36-40 knots, she can travel 320-350 nautical miles. This model is distinguished by its relative quietness and absence of excessive vibrations. It is very easy to control with the joystick.

Secondly, due to the ability to lift the engines, the boat's minimum draft of 11.1 tonnes of displacement is only 0.7 metres.

Thirdly, the location of the engines attracts attention. They are spread out two by two from the center to the sides, making room for a comfortable gangway to the shore or stairs to the water.

The Sirena 58 Coupe

This 18.58 meter model from the Turkish shipyard has a special approach to the layout.

Or rather, not even the layout itself, but the aisle between main and lower deck.

The staircase, which traditionally originates near the control station, consists of two spans, rather than leading directly down to the cabins, first reaching a small platform from which you can either go down even lower to the two guest bedrooms (or only the VIP cabin) or to the master suite.

Behind the door to the guest owner's cabin, another fork is waiting in turn. Caught on a small podium separated by a partition from the bed headboard, you can either go down to the bedroom itself or take another staircase to the forward deck.

Strange as it may seem, such labyrinths«»allowed the designers to free up space on board.

Waterdream California 52 (winner)

This 14.62 meter day cruiser is the flagship of the Dutch shipyard. Unlike most similar models, these yachts are built in aluminium. This gives the model several advantages at once. On the one hand, this hull will last longer. On the other hand, it does not need internal bulkheads, which means that the owner can agree with the shipyard on almost any layout of the lower deck.

The standard version offered by the company includes a double cabin-pocket on the midships and a forward V-shaped sofa transformer in the relaxation area.

Thus, four people can easily sleep on board. By comparison, the 48 Wallytender X, which is even longer than the Waterdream by 30 cm and wider by 10 cm, only has one double bed on the lower deck.

The shipyard also boasts the ergonomics of its furniture. The sofas on the Waterdream California 52 are slightly deeper than can be expected and have a higher backrest for a more comfortable rest.

Better interior design

Ferretti 500 (winner)

Italian studio Ideaeitalia was responsible for interior design of this 15.33-meter model. Owners will be offered two colors: classic in warm tones and modern with cooler Mediterranean palette. In both cases, oak will be used for finishing. The classic version is dark, while the modern version is light, sandy.

In general, the interior design concept, which is not only already embodied on the Ferretti 500, but will also be used in the further development of the shipyard models, is described in words just «like at home . The main emphasis is on comfort and creating the feeling that there is more space on the yacht than there really is.

Princess S62.

«Stylish, modern, timeless, calm and confident, memorable, flawlessly executed and beautifully finished -»this is how the 19.17 meter model is described at the shipyard.

Its interior is dominated by clear lines, pure colors and natural materials. The finish is luxurious, but at the same time very simple. Particular attention is paid to details and their functionality. The accents help to arrange the lighting, which is mounted behind the furniture and wall panels.

This is the third model in the lineup. And it is the design not only of the exterior, but also of the interior that allows you to unmistakably recognize in the S62 a relative of the S66 and S78.

Sunseeker Predator 60 EVO

This 18.24 meter model is an example of the first implementation of the yard's new approach to interior design. Its modern, bright, original design will pleasantly delight owners.

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