Calendar of Russian Yacht Shows - 2020: what has changed?
Yachting in Russia

Calendar of Russian Yacht Shows - 2020: what has changed?

The Coronavirus has overhauled not only the international but also the Russian yachting events calendar.
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The introduction of a self-isolation regime to curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the spring of 2020, a ban on mass events and the postponement of the opening of navigation for passenger ships led to the fact that the yachting season in the European part of Russia began not in late April or early May, but only in July. Together with ordinary ship-owners the organizers of Russian yachting exhibitions also suffered from quarantine measures. We tell you how their dates have changed and what to expect from the Russian Boat Show in 2020.

Moscow (rescheduled for autumn)

Moscow Yacht Show (MYS) in 2020 suffered a difficult fate. Initially, the show was to be held at the Royal Yacht Club last weekend in spring, from 29 to 31 May. Due to the coronavirus and the associated ban on public events in the capital, which is still in force today, new dates were chosen - August 7-9. The Moscow Mayor's Office did not make any concessions for the outdoor mass events that the organizers had been waiting for, and the exhibition had to be postponed once again until autumn. If the authorities give their permission, MYS will symbolically hold the Superyacht Show in Monaco, which was canceled this year, with the same acronym - Monaco Yacht Show. The other alternative, and it is unfortunately more likely: the Moscow exhibition will have to be canceled this year at all.

The exhibition will not be able to move to the Moscow Region, where street events will be allowed from July 27th - it is tied to the Khimki Reservoir and Royal Yacht Club.

West Nautical, Princess and major Russian manufacturers have confirmed their desire to participate in the exhibition, if it does take place. Since the end of MYS 2019, Van der Valk Shipyard, VBOATS (Volzhanka«), Parker»Poland Sp, Popilov Yachts, Velvette Marine, Pacifico Yachts, and XO Boats have expressed their wish to participate in 2020.

Saint Petersburg (3-6 September)

Under the conditions of coronavirus pandemic, the St. Petersburg International Boat Show (SPIBS) was in the most advantageous position in the autumn. The organizers hope that by September the epidemiological situation in the country will stabilize sufficiently that the mass event can be held at least outdoors. So there was no need to change the dates of the exhibition.

«We plan to hold. In St. Petersburg, the situation is softer, everything is planned and will pass. I do not rule out that it will be one exhibition between St. Petersburg and Moscow. I mean that Peter will be left behind and Moscow will be canceled," Dmitry Makarov, director of the exhibition,»shared with itBoat.

All the main exhibitors confirmed that they will appear at SPIBS again in 2020.

Traditionally, the exhibition in St. Petersburg is bigger than in Moscow. But this year the coronavirus will affect not only the dates of events and the appearance of masks on the faces of guests and exhibitors.

«There is a problem that not so many boats are currently available that could be shown. Coronavirus has introduced its limitations. Not everybody has brought boats, and those who usually exhibited at the end of May have now sold almost everything. So now the fleet isn't that big. Everyone, as far as I know, has a pretty good season this year in terms of domestic sales. There is a certain queue at Russian plants, it has become longer. All the main positions are already ordered, -»explains Dmitry Makarov.

Samara (September 26-27)

The organizers announced plans to hold a new exhibition in Samara in late winter. The spread of COVID-19 in the world at that moment had already begun, but no one could imagine how seriously it would affect Russia and how long the various restrictions related to the epidemiological situation would be imposed. At that time, the Samara Boat Show was supposed to be held on the first weekend after the May holidays - May 16-17.

Because of the coronavirus, those plans had to be abandoned. Restrictions in Samara region began to be gradually removed only from June 24. In this connection, the exhibition is now scheduled for September 26-27.

«It is a two-day event, not as big as in Moscow and St. Petersburg, including in terms of attendance. I think that there will be no problems. And the restrictions are much softer," Dmitry Makarov»believes.

Plans to participate in the exhibition were announced by Volga«Yacht Group,»SPEV«and» Pacifico Yachts.

Kazan (cancellation)

Kazan Yachting Festival in 2020 was to be held for the second time in the capital of Tatarstan on June 21-22, but it did not take place because of the coronavirus.

Now the participants and guests of the exhibition will meet at the berths of the Kazan Riviera on June 19-20, 2021. The organizers are waiting for everyone who planned to come to Kazan, Moscow, Samara and St. Petersburg.

Security .

Even the organizers of the giant French Cannes Yachting Festival, through which more than 50 thousand visitors pass annually, in the conditions of the need for increased attention to sanitary measures, managed to find a way not to cancel the exhibition this year. The scope of MYS, SPIBS and Samara Boat Show is smaller, which means that it will be easier to make Russian exhibitions safe. The organizers are discussing the necessary measures with the exhibition participants and will make sure that the events meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

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